Skip top navigation home. The profile of an eagle's head adjoining the words United States Postal Service are the two elements that are combined to form the corporate signature. Postal Explorer
  1. Domestic Mail
  2. Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)HTML|PDF
  3. DMM Subject IndexHTML|PDF
  4. DMM Summary of ChangesHTML|PDF
  5. Quick Service Guidesssr安卓客户端最新版下载|PDF
  6. Customer Support Rulings (CSR)HTML
  7. Postal Addressing Standards (PUB 28)HTML|PDF
  8. Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail Eligibility (PUB 417)HTML|PDF
  9. A Customer's Guide to Mailing (DMM 100)HTML|PDF
  10. Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail (PUB 52)HTML|PDF
  11. HAZMAT PUB Search
  1. International Mail
  2. International Mail Manual (IMM)HTML|PDF
  3. IMM Subject IndexHTML|PDF
  4. Individual Country ListingsHTML|PDF
  5. Country Price Groups and Weight Limitsssr安卓最新版下载|PDF
  6. Prices
  7. Price List (Notice 123)ssr下载官方|PDF

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